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Here are galleries of oddments and random albums, collections, lost photos and the like that have come my way and consequently been digitized. Many of the collections originate with my friend and Logansport, Indiana native Ed Closson....he's an avid collector of many things, including old photos. When possible, I've included identifiers found on the originals in the key words attached to the file. Sadly, quite a few images are unknowns.

Follow the link on the slideshow or, better yet, click on these words to see the miscellaneous galleries: http://leahwaltheryphotography.zenfolio.com/waltheryvintage

P.S.  A few years ago, I started up a small little cottage business doing digital photo restoration.  The name of the business was White Feather Photo Revival.  I've included a gallery here showing some of my work, and, if you're interested, the Facebook Page is still live:  https://www.facebook.com/WhiteFeatherPhotoRevival